Pool Cabana Fun With Friends Hot Step-Mom Complete Series

So with school out for the summer me and my best friend Jason were able to get a summer job working construction for his step-dad's company . As you could imagine construction work in the summer definitely sucked but the one thing we had to look forward to was Jasons parents had just put in a nice pool in their backyard so once our shift was over that's where we were headed. When it came time for us to punch out our immediate boss offered us some more overtime if we wanted to make some extra money I had no desire to work anymore that day but Jason said he could use the cash. He told Maine that he would stay in work for a few more hours but I was more than welcome to go hang out at his house by the pool and when he got off he would head straight home. I said sure and headed to his house, when I got there I just left myself in since this place was like a second home to me. I walked into the kitchen and found Jason's step-mom Mrs Hazel or Harley as she preferred I call her relaxing in the kitchen. We made a little small talk and I explained the situation to her that Jason wouldn't be home for awhile but he said I could use the pool. she told me that was no problem and that I should go relax, I told her the one problem me and Jason hadn't thought about was I came straight from work and didn't go home and pick up any swim trunks. I would ask to borrow a pair from Jason but he was a lot smaller than me so I knew I wouldn't fit in his trunks. Mrs Hazel thought about it for a minute and just told me not to worry about wearing anything since the backyard was private no one could see in and she didn't mind if I went skinny dipping. Needless to say I was a little taken back that she was OK with that and I asked her again if she was sure and she told me it was fine and to go relax. So I did just that I was naked in the pool in the backyard relaxing and while I was in the pool cabana I started to get a little bit of an urge. I don't know why but for some reason I really just wanted jerk off so with no one around I started too. I was really focusing on my pleasure and didn't notice or hear the patio door open and close so I looked up and all the sudden there was Mrs Hazel in a bikini holding a towel looking rather shocked with her eyes locked on to my rock hard erection. I immediately tried to cover up with my cabana towel and apologized guess really I just stuttered for a while trying to explain myself. She told me to calm down and just asked what would make me do something like that and I decided to be honest with her and just told her the idea of being naked in her backyard with her right inside was pretty exciting. Instead of being upset it almost seemed like she was flattered, I told her I would get dressed and get out and she said no it was fine she actually told me that if I was that aroused she could probably help me with it. I asked her what she meant and she told me first I had to promise to keep this secret I could never tell anyone especially her step-son or her husband. Not knowing what she was talking about exactly I agreed and said no one would ever know and then she took a bottle of lotion she had in one hand imported into the other. Then she sat down on the day bed in the cabana with me between my legs and started giving me the most amazing Handjob I've ever had in my life! She stroked and stroked and I just sat back and relaxed and thought about how hot it was to be naked in a pool cabana with my friends hot step-mom well she eagerly massaged my cock! It didn't take me long to finish and once I had come down from my orgasmic high she reminded me that this had to be our little secret and that if I happened to get off work tomorrow before her step-son was off I was more than welcome to come over and relax with her again! Today while I was at work with my best friend Jason all I could think about was going over to his house afterwards and hanging out in the pool and maybe if no one else was around hanging out with his step-mom . Just like yesterday our boss offered his overtime Jason took it and I said no thank you. Jason told me to go relax at his place for a few hours and enjoy the pool and when he got off he would head straight home and hang with me. I headed over to his house and once I got there I let myself in and I found his step-mom Harley hanging out in the kitchen! We made a little small talk and I told her about the situation and asked if I could use the pool like yesterday she smiled and winked at me and said yes it could be just like yesterday. I told her that I had forgotten a bathing suit again and she chuckled and said it was fine if I wanted to swim and lay out naked. I said thank you and headed out to the pool. While I was laying in the cabana just air drying I saw Mrs Hazel or Harley as she prefers I call her come out wearing a sexy black bikini. She walked up to Maine and her eyes were instantly locked on my raging hard erection, she reminded me that as of right now no one else was home but her step-son would be home soon and maybe I shouldn't be laying around her house naked with an erection. I told her she was right and asked her if she could maybe help me with it like she did yesterday? she said sure but unfortunately she didn't have anymore of her suntan lotion to use as Lube so I asked her what we should do. She got an evil grin on her face and said she had an idea and with that she leaned forward and took my raging hard erection into her mouth and proceeded to suck me! that alone felt amazing and I thought I would blow right away but I held on and decided to ask her after a few minutes if she would be willing to take her top off? she thought about it and it was almost if it was an afterthought but she reminded me that this had to stay between the two of us and I agreed and with that she took her top off and proceeded to blow me topless! Needless to say it didn't take long before she was swallowing my nut and I was putting on my clothes and told her I would see her tomorrow after work hopefully, she grinned and said she hoped she'd see me too! Today went like the other days had gone, my buddy jason got offered overtime and took it. so that meant i would be able to go to his house alone and relax naked by the pool with his step-mom. just like the other day i found Hazel in the kitchen, we made a little small talk and she told me to go enjoy the pool and she might be out later. sure enough once i was finished with my dip and laying in the pool cabana naked hazel walked out with a wicked look on her face. with my hard dick pointing straight up at her it didn't take long before we were fucking each others brains out!!!


November 29, 2023