Pretty upset son need some motherly help

⁣Susan, We have talked about so much in the past I'm comfortable sharing this with you. A few days ago my son came in to the living room and seemed pretty upset. When I asked him what was wrong he told me he had gotten dumped right after having sex with a girl again.We started talking and suddenly my maternal instincts turned to feelings of lust and arousal. Before I could stop myself I started teaching my son how to please a woman with my own body. I guided his hands and mouth over my breasts and even had him go down on me. I was so turned on I had to feel him inside me so I directed him into position. By the time we were finished he was very adept at pleasing me with his cock except for one small problem. He got so excited in doggy position he ejaculated inside me. His Dad had a vasectomy so I haven't been using protection, if I get pregnant he'll divorce me. What should I do? Love Always Helena

October 16, 2023