Ready for mommy time

⁣You love your new relation ship with your mother...or...with your sexy MILF leman!!! And you can't have never enough of the secret date you having with her! Every time, you are going to the hotel room or apartment mommy rent for you two, you already feel your cock growing in your pants from so much excitement. But this time is not the same! Mommy call you before you even leave to house and asking you to meet her in the coffee house. Weird...would you get lucky today and be mommy's good boy?! You just arrive but it didn't took you long to find your mom there! Fuck..she look stunning!!! To seeing her so beautiful...with her red lips, with tight short skirt...yeap...your dick is knocking on your zip. She is already waiting for you and made the order. But...bad news for you! We can't have our date my baby today...mommy has to run, you know, how is it before Christmas! And we don't want your father or anyone else find our dirty, little secret...right baby??? But I was thinking how to make it up to you and we have already nice room for next weekend! Yeah!!! We will be then together like lovers next week. But baby...what is with the face?! I do, I do understand you my love! I know you were so exited, so horny! Well....I was thinking even about this option, I was expecting your reaction just like this...look what mommy wear...or should I said...what mommy doesn't wear! I have only my panties. Do you want me to give you a peak? You are so naughty my baby boy! What??? What do you want me to do??? Are you crazy... is so many people here. I guess! But let mommy come closer to you baby. I don't want anyone to pussy is only for your eyes!!! From where you getting those ideas??? To make me fingering mommy right now, right here??? Oh my gosh!!! We are in public place!!! Baby...honey...really??? I promise I do anything for you my son...and to be honest...make me horny too. Feel it for your pussy is so wet!!! Ohh...yes baby...slowly...fingering your mommy!!! And mommy will rubbing your cock! You are so fucking stiff!!! My boy is ready for mommy any time...any place...I see!!! Come on baby...make mommy, can I be cool and quiet if you are so amazingly talented with your fingers!!! It will be mommy's first public orgasms....and baby boy...I want it is yours too! Cum for mommy!!! Here baby....from now on this is other secret place for our dirty mommy & son games!!!

October 16, 2023