Remote Control Mommy

I am in my bedroom playing with my super hero action figures when I hear my aunt Cory yelling "Luke, honey, I have a surprise for you!" I walk in to the living room to find my aunt standing next to my mom. "Do you notice anything different about your mom?" my aunt asks me. I do notice that my mom isn't talking or moving at all... She is just staring in to space! I don't know what's going on but this seems pretty weird, because my mom would normally be yelling at me over my messy bedroom or yelling at me to do my homework. For once, she is not saying anything! Aunt Cory explains to me that my mom is now a robot that she has been controlling with a remote control. I don't believe her though! "Go ahead and grab her boobs! Then you'll see that she really is a robot now!" Aunt Cory insists. I grab my mom's big tits and she doesn't react at all. She is just staring off in to space! Aunt Cory hands me the remote and she starts to explain all of the commands to make the remote work. "Can I get her naked?" I ask my aunt, and she tells me yes! I pull the straps of her dress down to reveal her big tits. Then I point the remote at my mom and tell her to get herself undressed. She pulls her dress down to the ground and I can now see that she isn't wearing any underwear! I can't believe I got my mom fully naked in front of me! "Mom, get in to the doggy position!" I say as I point the remote at her. She instantly gets down on the floor in the doggy style position. I bend down right behind my mom and look at her pussy and ass up close. I am still amazed at this new, cool remote trick! I instruct my mom to lift her head up, stay on her knees, and open her mouth wide... Then, I stick my cock inside of her mouth! "Oh my God! I can't believe she's doing this!" I tell my aunt. I keep getting nervous that my mom is going to start yelling at me, but my aunt assures me that she won't yell at me while she is frozen like this! I get my mom back in the doggy style position and then I stick my cock inside of her pussy! "It's so tight and so warm... but I can't do this anymore! She's still my mom! This is too weird" I tell my aunt as I pull my cock out of my mom's pussy and I run in to my bedroom... I walk in to my bedroom to find my mom standing next to my bed with a glass of wine in her hand. Mommy is very angry at me and she starts screaming the second she sees me. "This room is a mess!! Did you even fluff your pillows?! Why can't you do anything right!?" She demands that I tell her what happened to her yesterday because she felt like she lost several hours yesterday and she doesn't understand why! She also said that she found this remote control and she doesn't know what the remote is for... but she did notice that my aunt Cory got very nerous when she saw my mom pick the remote up. My mom keeps screaming at me and calling me a liar, so I tell her to give me the remote so I can show her how to use it. Once she hands it over to me, I quickly yell "freeze" and she finally stops talking! "Mom, undress and put the glass of wine down," I command and she does what she is told. "Mom, get on my bed and give yourself an orgasm!" I tell her next. She lays down in the middle of my bed and rubs her clit until she makes herself cum hard. I take my hard cock out and get her hand to jerk my cock up and down. "Mom, you are going to do everything that I tell you to do without questioning it!" I say as I point the remote at her again. She starts jerking my cock off again and I tell her to give the tip of my cock a kiss. "Anything for my son!" she tells me. "I want you to lean back and spread your legs for me," I tell her. "Put your pee-pee in mommy's special spot!" she giggles. While I am fucking her, I decide to unfreeze her just to see how she will react when she realizes what's going on. She immediately jumps up and screams at me telling me that I am a pervert and this is so disgusting of me to do! I quickly put her back under my spell, and she begs me to stick my cock back inside of her pussy! "As your mommy, I demand that you fuck me! I'm so glad that your father's not in the picture anymore, so I can fuck my son instead!" she tells me. She starts moaning that she is going to cum all over my cock, so I start to fuck her harder. I fuck her in the doggy style position and then she hops on top and rides my cock until I cum deep inside of her pussy! I decide to unfreeze my mom again, just to see her reaction... She jumps up and starts screaming and crying over the fact that she is naked and that her pussy feels like it has just been fucked! I quickly freeze her again and remind her that I am in charge now.. I notice my mom walking in to the bathroom to take a shower this morning, so I decide to follow her in to the bathroom! I stand behind her as she starts to take her clothes off. She turns around and screams "Luke!! Get out of here!!" and I run out of the bathroom. However, I decide to spy on her from behind the door! I watch my mom get in the shower and rub soap all over her body, lathering up her big tits and ass. When her back is turned, I point the remote at her and yell "freeze!" Then I hop in to the shower and join her. I put some soap in my hands and then I rub it all over my mom's big, natural tits first... and then I lather up her ass next! I put my hard cock in the palm of my mom's hand and I get her to stroke me up and down as I kiss her neck. Then I take her hands and lean them against the glass shower door, and I start fucking her pussy from behind. Her big, natural tits bounce up and down with every thrust! I kiss her on the mouth before I move her down to her knees with her mouth open... I jerk my cock off in front of her face, until I explode all over her face and mouth! "Mom, I am now going to unfreeze you and you are going to wake up and not know what just happened to you!" I unfreeze her and run out of the room... She starts screaming when she feels cum all over her mouth!! "LUKE!! EWWW!! What did you do?!" I hear her yelling, so I think I will go put my head phones on and play some video games to avoid listening to her screaming! Until next time...


December 24, 2023