Robot mom under son's control

⁣Mom: Are you freakin' serious? I cannot believe you are going to spend another day, stuck indoors, glued to your games console. It's beautiful outside, but you would rather shoot pretend , in pretend worlds, full of pretend enemies. That's so pathetic. You love these games with the cybernetics, the soldiers with the special robotic arms and direct neuro-interface. Such a fantasy world. I mean, as if that type of hardware would ever exist. Okay, so here is the deal, you are going to stop playing this stupid robot soldier game, and instead, you are going to do your chores. I want this place looking spotless. You can start by tidying up and dusting down the entertainment station. You are not even listening to me are you? So engrossed in your game. Well, enough is enough. I'm switching this off. I'm shutting it down. You: You see the thing is mom, neuro-interfaces do exist and you have one of the very first implants. The prototype is still under development, but, CaribouLabs, the tech firm, promise me I should be able to interact with the hardware via my Bluetooth controller. Mom, you're part robot now, under my control. So how about we have a little fun? Let's see how easy you are to manipulate. Maybe you can take care of my chores. Maybe you should do my chores naked. Then, when you're finished, let's see how easy it is to make you make yourself cum. Don't worry mom, I'll bring you back round by powering down the hardware. , look at you, all naked in a post-orgasmic state in front of my game. Do you even know how you ended up like this? Gosh, this must be super embarrassing for you!

October 16, 2023