Seducing My Ex Stepmom Complete Series

Yesterday my now ex stepmom asked me to come over to fix a link in her sink. When I got there, I could tell she had been drinking and was being all touchy flirty. I had always had a little crush on her, so I wasn't complaining! Once I was done working on the sink she asked me to come sit with her on the couch for a few minutes. We made some small talk, and she complained about being lonely. While she was talking she started rubbing her hand on my thigh then she moved it over and started rubbing my crotch. I didn't know if it was the wine talking or what but I just went with it. we both ended up masturbating and watching each other, when we finished it felt weird, so I got dressed and left. So, all day today it was all I could think about and when I got out of class I went back over to Melanie's house. I let myself into her house and found her in the living room look embarrassed and a little hung over. We made some awkward small talk then got around to what happened the day before. She said she was sorry and that of course it would never happen again. I told her no, I enjoyed it and was hoping that since she could cum yesterday. She told me no, she said she couldn't do that for me it was wrong yesterday and would be wrong today. i begged and told her just one time and i promised that no one would find out. she thought about it for a minute then told me to get comfortable on the couch and and said she would be back in a minute. she came back into the living room with a towel and a bottle of lube, she told me to take my pants off and i did. once i was sitting back down she grab my dick and started jerking me off. once i came she cleaned me up and told me she would see later. when school ended for the day i decided to stop by my ex stepmoms house. after what had been happening between us the last couple of days she was all i could think about! when i got to her house i let myself in as always and found Melanie in the kitchen doing dishes. she looked surprised to see me and seemed a little stand offish. we made a little small talk and she started to relax, while we talked i slowly started moving around behind her. i reached my hand out and cupped her ass! she spun around lighting fast and asked what the hell i was doing. before i could even answer she told me that what had happened the last couple of days was done and couldn't happen again. while she was saying soem strong words my had still rested on her ass and i slowly moved my hand around to her front and slipped it under her pants. i felt her wet pussy and started fingering her, the look of determination in her eyes faded and was replaced by a look of lust. before long i had her cumming with my hand in the kitchen. she thanked me for the orgasm and told me to go sit on the couch and she would before in a minute to reward me! i was sitting on her couch naked when Melanie walked in, i asked her if i was getting a handjob again? she smiled and said no, she said i was getting something better today. she took her shirt off and let her big beautiful tits bounce free! she poured lube on her tits, knelt down, placed my cock in between her tits and let me start tit fucking her! needless to say it didnt take me long to bust a huge load on my ex stepmom's tits! I got a text from my ex stepmom Melanie asking me to come over to her house after i got out of school. i practically ran to her house after school, we had been having so much sexual fun together so i couldn't wait to see what she had in mind. when i got there i could tell she was pissed, she asked me to sit down on the couch with her. she told me that she had been dating someone who happened to work for my dads company and my step-dad found out. i guess my step-dad couldn't handle it so he started messing with Melanie's new boyfriend and passing him over for promotions. needles to say Melanie wasn't happy and i thought there might be a opportunity for me to have some fun. i told her since she was so pissed at my step-dad that she should use me to get even! i could tell by the look in her eyes she knew what i was doing but she went with it anyways. she told me to go to her bedroom, take my clothes off and get on her bed and she would be with me in a few minutes. when she walked in the bedroom door i was naked on the bed like she asked, she slowly took her dress and bra off. once she was topless i asked her if she brought the lube so i could titty fuck her again? she smiled and said no were doing something else today, with that she crawled up on the bed and started sucking my dick! i face fucked my sexy ex stepmom and made her swallow my nut. i now need to find a way to fuck her! it was Friday and when i got home from school my step-dad was home from work, i thought that was weird and i asked him what was up. he told me that he was going to be out of town all weekend on a business trip but he had some good news for me. My ex stepmom Melanie hand volunteered to let me stay at her place all weekend so i wouldn't have to stay with my grand parents. when my step-dad told me i would be alone with Melanie all weekend my dick got rock hard. i packed my bag, said good by to my step-dad and went straight to Melanie's house. when i got to the house i just let myself in and went to find Melanie. i found her in her bathroom wearing a short white robe, she had just gotten out of the shower and she looked good! we made a little flirty small talk, teased each other for a minute then she told me to get naked and get on her bed. before long she was sucking my dick, after a couple of minutes she told me it was time to get the weekend started, with that she straddle me and started ridding my dick! i spent all weekend fucking and creampie my ex stepmom and now i fuck her on a regular basis!


November 30, 2023