Seducing My Soccer Mom


You didn't think I was gonna actually do it, did you? You didn't think I was bold enough to go through with the dare and seduce my own teen step-son, but here's a video proving you wrong! Just don't tell Harold about it, okay? He wouldn't be very happy, hah! Today was the perfect day to put my plan into action. When Jay got home, he was so anxious about the upcoming prom. He's so sweet but way too shy for his own good! It took some coaxing but I got him to open up about his fears. It seems my little angel was still a virgin... but not for much longer. It was the perfect chance to pounce. When I first offered to have sex with him to help him get experience, he wasn't so sure, but it didn't take much to turn him into putty in my hands. After a compliment or two, he hung onto my every word. I'm not ashamed to admit that I played on his fears juuuust a little bit. He didn't want prom night to be a flop, after all... Once we got to the bedroom and crawled into bed, he was eager to learn. With just a couple of pointers, it wasn't long before I was treated to his cock. Oh, he's a natural, I tell you! But don't take MY word for it, you can watch the video and see for yourself! Just remember: it's our little secret. If this video gets leaked, I'll get in SO MUCH trouble, so make sure you're the only one who sees this, okay??

November 4, 2023