Sex In The Shower With Mommy

You’re in your room, bored and horny. You start playing with your cock and decide it needs a little attention. You peak out in the living room and your dad is resting on the couch. Excellent because the attention you need will come from Mommy. You wander in her bathroom and hear the shower running so you check it out. There she is, completely naked and lathering up her tits with soap. You watch her for a minute or two before she realizes you’re there. Unfortunately, she’s not very happy to see you. Immediately she tells you that you need to get out, you two can ONLY play when Dad isn’t home. You point to your throbbing dick and she’s disgusted. NO means NO! You continue to tell her that you absolutely need to cum. Finally, she reluctantly agrees to blow you in the shower but only if you keep an eye on the door. No problem with that! You pull your dick out and Mommy teases you with that little mouth of hers before sucking your dick like you’ve craved. Her mouth is feeling so good but you know you won’t be able to cum unless you’re in her pussy. As she’s sucking you tell her that she’s going to give you blue balls. Mommy will NEVER leave you without cumming, and she lets you slide yourself inside her right in the shower. Her pussy is feeling so tight and wet on your cock, but Mommy suggests you finish in the bedroom where it’s more comfortable. As soon as you get on her bed, she climbs on top of you and mounts your dick. Slipping it balls deep inside her she begins to ride you while shoving those round titties right in your face. She knows that you won’t be able to hold back if she does that, and within minutes a hot load of spunk is getting sprayed inside her! Who cares, if she get’s pregnant she’ll just say it’s your dads. You’re about to leave, but Mommy wants you to taste her cum mixed with yours. She makes you get right up against her pussy as she feeds your cum to you and eats some for herself. It’s so damn good you’re already hard and wanting to fuck again. But Mommy is NOT having it, and suggests you take a shower to clean yourself up.


November 13, 2023