Shhhh Your Father Is Right Over There And Mommy Doesn’t Want To Get Caught

Story: Step-Mom and Step-Son start in the kitchen. Step-Dad and his friendsare watching the game in the living room. Step-Son keeps messing with step-mom, spanking her, grabbing her ass and such. Step-Mom keeps telling him to stop, she doesn't want to get caught. Step-Son blackmails her with a video of his step-mom and his friend having sex. Step-Mom has no choice. Step-Son makes her give him a BJ. Then he makes her sit on his dick and they start to fuck. Step-Mom tries to keep quiet but he slams her so hard. She moans on and off. Step-Dad asks if everything is okay? Of course it is. Step-Son then pulls his step-mom into the living room, behing the couch, somewhere just out of sight and makes her strip. He then fucks her to completion, cumming insdie. Which she begs him not to. The whole time step-mom is wortabried about getting caught.


December 9, 2023