Sick Mommy

⁣Come in here, son. Mom needs you...You're getting ready for school when Mom calls you into her bedroom. She says she's sick...but she sure doesn't look sick. Mom's beautiful, and you love her so very much, so you want to help when she says she's not feeling well. Mom asks if you'll help her feel better, like she does when you're sick. She wants you to rub some medicine on her chest, which embarrasses you, but your mother explains that it's not weird because you're her good boy and it's completely normal to want to help Mom feel better.You start to rub the menthol medicine into her chest and Mom starts to moan - it must be feeling better already - exposing more of her breasts and telling you that good boys who love their mothers do what they're asked.Then Mom (who really doesn't seem sick at all) tells you that her tummy hurts, too, and that good boys also rub Mommy's tummy. She closes her eyes and guides your tentative hand to her stomach...lower and lower...until you're caressing the edge of your mom's writhing mound while she tells you how good it feels. You're beginning to think that something's going on with your mother, but you want to please her...she's been such a loving mom, and must be really feeling bad.Even though you love your mother desperately, you're shocked when she tells you that next you have to take her temperature...and she wants you to put the thermometer in her butt, the way she does for you when you're really really sick. You're sure that something's going on with your mother now - she's never done anything like this before - but you still don't want to make her feel worse, so you take the thermometer from her and follow her directions, slowly inserting the thermometer into Mom's buttonhole when she pulls her legs apart to show you where. You can't believe that you're seeing your mom's pussy and asshole up close; this is so strange. The whole time you're holding the thermometer in Mom's butt, she's squirming and moaning...maybe she really is sick...After mom tells you to pull the thermometer out of her butt and hand it to her, you're hoping that she's going to let you leave now - Mom's being super weird - but then she asks you to give her a massage, to help her relax.Mom says that if you rub her just right that she'll feel all better.Again, your mother takes your hand and makes you touch her in a place you've never touched any girl before...right on the crotch of her panties. Telling you that it's okay, and that as long as neither of you tell anyone else it'll be fine, she shows you just how she wants her son to rub her pussy. You do what your mom tells you, rubbing your hand back and forth across her soaking wet panties while your mother moans and encourages her boy's touch. Unable to control herself any longer, Mom pulls aside her panties and orders you to rub her right on her wet spot...right on her pussy hole. Stick your finger in Mommy's wet hole, son. Stick it all the way in...that's my good boy. Now push it in and out of Mommy's pussy, baby. Mmm, yes. Faster, baby...faster and harder...rub Mommy's pussy as hard as you can. Shove another finger in there, baby, stretch Mommy's pussy. You're going to make your mother yell, baby, and it's okay...Mommy's going to feel much better soon."** Mommy cums especially hard with your fingers buried in her pussy - watch my cream squirt out when you do it just right.

October 16, 2023