Sister having the biggest breast in the office

⁣As if I'd let some bimbo airhead take my job. I knew what was going on the moment that slut walked in. The way my boss stared at her huge tits, how he insisted she continue wearing that skimpy wardrobe to work. On top of it all, he wants me to train her to do MY job! I won't let it happen, I love my work too much. But there's just no way my tiny tits can compete with her massive rack! It's clear that's all my pervert boss wants - some hot, busty eye candy to gawk at around the office. I'll do anything it takes to secure my place here... even if it means changing my body. Thank goodness my sister dropped off those pills for me. If I had read the instructions before swallowing a double dose, I would've seen the side effects included... increased, uncontrollable libido. But I just need my flat chest to be bigger, rounder, fuller NOW! I feel the effects immediately... so much pressure, my little bra is straining against my growing boobs. I can't stop groping them as they expand, my breasts feel so squishy, so heavy. I love it! And I look irresistible, voluptuous... HOT. I don't think the boss will be able to keep his hands off me and my new tits. I might even want him to touch, to squeeze... even to slip his cock into me. Oh God yes... just the thought of him fucking me... If I go see him now, convince him to keep me on... to stay on, OH YES.... I'll stay on his cock.

October 16, 2023