Sister Helps Brokenhearted Brother - You Can Touch Me, Brother, I'll Always Be Here For You

A heart-to-heart, intimate experience with your big sister. One of my favorite sibling clips! "So, what's been going on?" Akira asked concerned. "You've seemed really upset lately. You know I don't like seeing you this down." You and your older sister had always been close, so she knew when something wasn't right. And even though you were hesitant to tell her what had happened, her big, blue eyes were always able to look right through you. "Come on, you know you can tell your sister anything," she said warmly, "I won't judge - I'm here to listen." So, you told her - your girlfriend had broken up with you and you were upset. Your sister genuinely felt bad for you, and she made sure to tell you that it wasn't your fault. She wanted you to know that you were adored and loved by a lot of people, and that you were going to get through this. "Come on, put that chin up," Akira smiled sweetly. "Are you still struggling with it? How long ago did it happen? Do you still have her pictures?" She understood how hard it was going to be, and she made sure to let you know she'd be there for you every step of the way. She told you to get rid of any pictures you had of your ex-girlfriend, any needed to erase this heartache completely. "I care about you, I love you..." she told you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "That felt nice? Being able to touch me? Well, if that's what you need to feel happier..." Your sister now knew that you'd need something more than just a talk - you needed her physical touch to get through all this...and she was more than willing to do anything you needed. "You can touch me..." she said, "I don't mind."


December 24, 2023