Sister helps me to learn control with edging session

2 months ago

⁣My sister and I are home alone while our parents are away. We are both so bored, and I have been taking advantage of no parents to watch a lot of porn. My sister, Delilah, comes over and starts talking about being bored and horny, and soon she gets around to saying that she wants to watch me jerk off. The sight of my hard cock gets her going even further. She has always been sweet and been there for me, but I never expected she would do this. Catching me totally by surprise again, my happy, slutty sister wants to use my dick to make her ex jealous. She says I have a bigger, better cock, and she wants to suck it and get fucked by it while I take pictures to send them to her asshole ex. She promises no one will know its me... My sister is always watching out for me. Her and I will be in the same school next year and since she has had me fuck her a few times, she notices I have a lot of trouble not blowing my load immediately. She is going to teach me to hold back so if I fuck any of her friends, I won't embarrass myself, or her.