Sister seduces her sleeping brother

4 months ago

⁣Tegan and her brother are alone in a hotel room on vacation with their parents. Both are incredibly bored, and Tegan goes over to her brothers bed and tries to get him to entertain her. They end up rolling around and wrestling, then start kissing. But he is feeling it's a bad idea and pushes her away to stop and they both go to bed. Tegan suffers a sleepless night, her poor little pussy won't stop dripping, she needed her brothers cock. She quietly gets out of bed and strips then crawls up his sleeping body and starts to suck his cock. He moans in his sleep and slowly starts to wake, seeing Tegan there sucking his cock gets him very excited and he pulls her up to him and kisses her, then lays her down and starts to fuck her, making her squeal and moan in pleasure. He then stands up and jerks his cock into her face till he cums all over her!