Sister Timestop

Starli is in her room when her younger sister, Olive enters and starts being really annoying touching all of her stuff. She grabs a watch, which Starli tells her stops time, Olive tosses it thinking it's a joke and Starli freezes. Olive doesn't believe Starli is frozen, so she tries to aggravate her to waking up by going through her things, where she finds lube, porn and a strap-on. Olive starts to believe that Starli is frozen, so she starts to experiment, stripping her robe off of her and playing with her tits. Olive then strips herself and puts the strap-on on and starts fucking Starli getting hotter by the second. Unexpectedly, while moving Starli, Olive bumps the watch, reactivating Starli and freezing herself. Awake and feeling rather hot, she see's what her younger sister has done and takes advantage of the rare bonding time. So she straps on the strap-on and fucks Olive long and hard. *Explicit Sexual Content


March 2, 2024