Sister's Lust

It's a super hot day and Nathan is home alone (he thinks) and decides to just strip down and jump in the pool. But, he isn't alone. His sister Bunny is home and watches everything he does. She tries to act like she is just being bratty and teasing, but there is more behind it. She has been secretly lusting after her brother for a LONG TIME. The fact is Nathan has thought his sister is smoking hot for years, but, he pushed the thoughts out of his head. He sometimes thought he saw something in the way she would look at him, but he thought it was his imagination. Well, he isn't imagining what happens when he gets out of the pool. Things have been weird since the pool. Nathan goes up to Bunny's room when mom and dad are gone for the day to talk to her. She tells him everything is fine and basically it isn't a big deal, but when he goes to leave she grabs his hand. She didn't plan on it being a one time thing and now that she finally gave in to the lust she has for her brother she is going to take every opportunity for them to fuck.


February 24, 2024