Slutty Stepmom Blackmailed For Sex

1 month ago
Conor’s sexy Step-Mom, Melanie Hicks, sits on the couch…twirling her hair, and having a drink. Conor walks in and tells Melanie that they need to have a talk. Conor tells Melanie that he is often on Tinder and other dating apps, and he found her profile on there. Melanie tries to deny it at first, “I married your Father…why would I need that? Someone else made that and used my picture.” Conor isn’t having it, and calls out Melanie for just using his Dad. Melanie asks Conor if he is going to tell his Dad. Conor says that he will keep it a secret, if she gives him a piece. Melanie is hesitant at first… but eventually gives in. She can’t have Conor telling his Dad that she is hooking up with random men. They have to be quiet, though… Conor’s Dad is upstairs sleeping. Melanie gets on her knees, and starts to suck Conor’s cock. Melanie pulls down her shirt, and Conor rubs her tits. Conor sits down on the couch, and Melanie climbs on top of him. Melanie rides Conor’s cock…and all of her white creamy cum covers his cock. She lays back as Conor gets on top and fucks her. Conor fucks his Step-Mom hard, and pulls out and fucks her tits. She sucks his cock again, before bending over so he can fuck her from behind. She lays on her back again and Conor fucks her until he pulls out and cums all over her tits. “So, you’re not going to tell your Dad, right?” Melanie agrees to fuck Conor once a week as long as he doesn’t tell on her.