Soapy shower with step daughter

⁣Emma is taking a shower after a long day. She loves to shower and since shes home alone (or so she thinks) she decides to take one in her moms shower. She leaves the door open, giggling as she lathers herself with the luxurious body soap. She doesn't hear her stepfather come in. He slips out of his clothes, enticed by her sexy body covered in soap and water. He steps into the shower and Emma panics, asking him what hes doing there and if her mom knows. He assures her that she doesn't know and tells her to relax. Hes seen her looking at him. He knows she wants him. She relaxes and goes with it. Hes right. She has been looking at him. Shes always had a thing for older men. They start to kiss and he touches her pussy. Its already wet from the shower. Then she gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob, sucking his dick because she loves it, letting the water spray her from above. Soon he cant take it anymore and needs to fuck her so he flips her around and she puts her leg up on the shower wall for better leverage. He fucks her hard and she loves it. Then they get out of the shower, and he carries her over to the dryer and sits her on top, pounding her tight pussy. He picks her up and holds her while he stands and she bounces on his dick, moaning in pleasure, then he places her back on the dryer and fucks her until he finishes and cums on her belly.

October 16, 2023