Son Got Stood Up

My youngest son told me the other day that he was going to the prom. I was a bit nervous and scared for him because he had never been on a date. The morning of before work, I asked him to come into the bathroom when i was bathing to talk to him about the date. We talked briefly and then when i can home from work and was getting ready to go to the gym he filled me in on the final details.It was going to be the steakhouse down the street and then the comedy club after the prom. Man he was pumped! I wished him luck and went to the Gym. To my surprise he was home when i got back from the gym. He had been STOOD UP! I was so hurt for him that I told him to go to his room and change out of his tux and that I would be his date. I knew he had planned on having his first sexual encounter that night so i made sure he got one. I gave him a long sloppy blowjob that blew his mind and then I took him out for a steak!


November 11, 2023