Son wants his own personal show from mom

⁣You come home way too early and I was not expecting that. I have been web cam modeling for several months and you walk in just as I am teasing all the young guys with my tight body and huge tits. You immediately get jealous and tell me that you want your own personal show and it better be way better than anything I do on cam. I tell you I am only doing this because your father can't bring in enough money. But you insist on my doing what I do online but even better to you! Or else you will blab my secret to your dad. So i agree to show you but as I am showing you , I become aroused and begin getting wet. I can see that you have a huge bulge in your jeans and I can't resist having you take them off so I can titty fuck and grind on your cock! I end up riding and grinding on you but I insist on you cumming in mommy's mouth ! ENJOY!

October 16, 2023