Son's nightmare turned into a good morning

⁣Angie was awoken by her son calling for help! She rushed to the room and realized her son was having a bad dream! He was thrashing around and talking in his sleep! Her son was scared about something. Being a concerned and caring mom, She sat down next to him and woke him up as gently as possible. He awoke and started to explain to his mom how he was in a plane wreck and had lost his leg's and his penis! Oh no! Angie explained to him that it was a dream and tried to calm him down by caressing his legs to prove they were still there...But what about his huge, precious cock? Hmmmm...Angie wasted no time and rubbed his thick cock till it sprang to life! Her son's cock was still there and still very healthy! Whew! Mom and son were both very relieved...well...maybe happy...since he now needs to be relieved! It is a HUGE job relieving this monster cock and only a caring mom can do it the right way! Angie begins to lick and suck his perfect dick! This is more then hot! She tries to stuff that sausage all the way down her throat! She is really working that cock...she needs his overflowing seed to cum out and fill her mouth up...exactly how this cum slut MILF likes it! She jerks his cock and licks it and sucks it to the very edge of him coming then it happens! Ahhhhh! Her son fills mom's mouth with the best tasting jizz! Angie decides to play a little and drools it out all over his cock head and shaft and licks it back up!

October 16, 2023