Son's Secret Fantasy

Rachel was a sexy secretary whose husband was constantly away on business. Most of the time she was left alone with her grown-up son, Sean. One day she arrived home from the office just as Sean walked into the driveway - back from his own job as a warehouse hand. She noticed he had a slight limp. But Sean did not seem troubled by it. Willingly he helped his mother unload her car and take her things inside. At the same time he took the opportunity to appraise her. She looked as elegantly sexy as ever in her secretary outfit of high-heels, tight pencil-skirt and see-through blouse. In the kitchen, mother and son got some refreshments and talked about their days. Rachel asked Sean about his limp, and the young man revealed that he had strained a muscle after pushing himself too hard at work. Thinking that some gentle stretching exercises might ease his discomfort, Rachel persuaded Sean to join her in working out to a fitness DVD one of her girlfriends had made and given her. Presently, having changed into their gym clothes, the mother and son started their workout on mats in the living room. Rachel's tight-fitting pants and midriff-baring, boob-packed top left little to the imagination. Sean felt a taboo excitement as he stood behind his mother and saw the outline of her shapely butt when she bent over to touch her toes. As the workout went on, the young man had many opportunities to glance at her cleavage and her boob-swell as she posed her body in a number of dynamic and suggestive positions. It was an intense experience that made him forget all about his muscle strain. He had always been attracted to his mother. That attraction had now become a raging lust. Eventually the workout came to end and Rachel excused herself to take a shower - not having any idea that she had just filled her own son with an unstoppable desire to fuck her. She spent a long time in the shower, sensually soaping her body all over. Sean would have gone crazy with need if he could have seen his mother right then. Her big tits and her butt glistened. The young man could have enjoyed seeing them from every angle as she moved - bending over, twisting, turning - beneath the shower spray. Afterwards, Rachel towelled herself dry, put on a sheer red robe with nothing underneath, and went back downstairs to make dinner. Mother and son sat at the table, engaging in typical family talk while they ate. Once again Sean sneaked peeks at his mother when she was not looking. Her loosely-tied robe gave a tantalizing view of cleavage. At one point she bent over to look in the fridge. This caused her short robe to lift up, allowing her son to glimpse her naked butt and pussy. Sean could barely restrain himself at such a sight. Later, he and Rachel went into the living room, seated themselves on the couch, and watched a movie together. They became more relaxed as the evening wore on, and Rachel convinced her son to give her a foot rub. Eager for any kind of intimacy with his mother, Sean fetched some lotion, placed his mother’s feet on his lap, and went to work massaging them. Before long he had gotten a big erection. When Rachel happened to feel his hardness underneath her foot, she experienced a sudden - surprising - surge of arousal. The realisation that she had turned on her own son was electrifying for her. Until that moment she had never guessed that she had forbidden desires for him. Now she felt consumed by them. Brimming with curiosity and excitement, she turned to her son and bluntly asked him if had the hots for her. Sean was taken aback, but he saw his chance and was determined to take it. He confessed all to his mother: how she constantly made him hard, how he fantasized about fucking her, how he wanted it to happen for real. It was all the confirmation that Rachel needed. A moment later, mother and son were in each other’s arms, French-kissing passionately. Sean’s hand greedily moved between stroking his mother’s bare thigh and squeezing one of her big tits. After that, the pair went up to Rachel’s room. There Rachel disrobed and stepped stark naked into her son’s arms. She was as frisky as she had ever been - tingling with nervous excitement at the taboo event that was about to take place. Sean took hold of his mother and began to kiss. It was another long, open-mouthed display of love and lust. The young man’s hands roved all over Rachel’s body - down her back, over her naked tits. From there on in, mother and son could not remain apart. The fun began with Rachel laying back on the bed, legs parted wide, pussy fully exposed so that Sean could lay down and eat her out. She moaned loudly, arched her back, played with her tits, squeezed them together and sighed with happiness as her son expertly licked, kissed, rubbed and fingered her to the brink of orgasm. She was so delighted with the job he did, that she could not wait to get on her knees and return the favor by stroking and sucking his cock. With her lips locked around his cock and his hand holding her head, she fucked her mouth expertly up and down his length. Sometimes she stopped to teasingly lick the head or the underside of his shaft. Other times she deep-throated him and played with his balls. Always she kept him at the absolute peak of pleasure. At last, when she had her son’s cock as hard and slick as it could possibly get. Rachel lay out on the bed and invited him to fuck her in the missionary position. Sean did not delay a second. Holding his mother’s legs wide, inserting the head of cock into her forbidden pussy, he started pumping away with a fervour. His every stroke made Rachel gasp and moan louder than before. Soon he had her going wild, saying all manner of taboo things. She spoke of how much she loved her son’s big cock, and how much better it felt than his father’s. Following this, mother and son fucked doggy-style. The passion between them was more intense than ever by now. Sean drilled his cock extra deep and hard into his mother’s pussy, and tugged on her hair and spanked her butt in moments of dominance. Later, Rachel climbed on top of her son and rode him in the cowgirl-position. Sean lay back and thoroughly enjoyed watching his mother this way. She raised and lifted her slid her pussy up and down his cock with sublime skill and delicacy. At the same time he got a perfect view of her big tits, sexily heaving and trembling from the vigorous effort of her fucking. Luckily for Sean, he got to fuck those tits shortly after. His mother got on her back, pushed them together, and invited him to slide his cock into the flesh-tunnel they formed. Sean gladly pumped back and forth between the warm soft mounds until he was ready cum. Rachel jerked him down the home straight, eagerly taking his shooting cream into her open mouth and onto her tits, then lovingly sucking him clean. Afterwards, the sex-dishevelled mother and son fell asleep where they lay. They had fucked themselves to utter exhaustion. There would not be any guilty feelings when they woke. Instead, they would pick up where they left off.


November 27, 2023