Spray Tan From My Friends Hot Step-Mom

So last week I got my first spray tan from my best friend's hot step-mom Mrs Nyx and it was awesome. The spray tan came out looking good with the fact that I got to be naked in front of her with a raging hard on that she kept looking at was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me! nothing else crazy happened but she did say it would probably inappropriate for something like us so she made me promise not to tell anyone including her husband and her step-son who was my best friend and I readily agreed. So it had been a week and it was time for my next spray tan session So while I knew Mr Nyx was still at work and my best friend was still at practice I went over to his house for my spray tan session. When I walked in I've found Mrs Nyx in the kitchen working on her phone , we said hi and made some small talk she said we could get started. She led me into the living room where she had her spray tan Tent set up , she told me to go ahead undress and put my clothes on the couch and she would be back in a minute to get started. When she came back in I was facing the wall of the tent away from her she started doing the spray tan on my back and after that was done in a few minutes she told me to turn around so she could do my front . I've been thinking all week how exciting it was to be naked in front of her so of course I was sporting a raging hard erection when I turned around. Her eyes instantly locked onto it and she paused for a second before she started spray tanning my front, it was almost like she was caught in some form of trance . She shook her head and got to work on my front slowly working her way down my body until she knelt down on her knees and was at eye level with my hard member facing her. She spray tanned the rest of my body and then stood up and said I was all set . She turned the machine off but before leaving the room she told me that she had to ask me something important . I asked her and she said what seems to be going on down there and pointed at my erection. I told her I was sorry and I apologized but me and my new girlfriend weren't doing anything physical yet and on top of that she was so pretty and being naked in front of her just arouse me so much that I couldn't help myself. Rather than get upset like I thought she would she actually took it as a compliment and smiled at me , she asked how I was able to get my pants on When our sessions were over and I told her it was incredibly difficult and painful . She said if I wanted it she could give me some lotion and I could take care of the problem right now before I got dressed. I told her that would be great and asked if she was going to be leaving the room she said no it was fine I could do it in front of her and that got me even more turned on. Before long I was stroking myself as fast and hard as I could as my best friends step-mom sat there and watched me and from what I could tell by the look on her face actually enjoyed herself. when I was about to finish I told her and she hurriedly grabbed a towel and caught my nut before I made a mess on all her spray tan equipment . She reminded me that this all was our little secret and she would see me next week for our next session. I got dressed in left and all I could think about was what was gonna happen next week when I was naked in front of my friends hot step-mom! It was getting to be that time of the week again, my spray tan was starting to fade and I needed to get it touched up . Which really meant I got to go get naked in front of my friends hot step-mom and wag my reaching hard erection in her face! Since I had a standing appointment with Mrs Nyx or Jasper as she preferred I call her I decided to just head over and when I got to her house I let myself in . I knew that her step-son/my best friend was still going to be at practice and her husband would still be at work so that meant we would have the house to ourselves. I found her waiting for me in the kitchen , we said hi and made some small talk and then she led me into the living room. Like the other times she already had her spray tan system set up with the giant spray tent empty and waiting for me . Just like all the other times she told me to go ahead and get undressed and step into the tent facing away from her and she would come back in a few minutes and get the spray tan started . A couple of minutes later she had finished with my backside and told me to turn around , also just like all the other times I was sporting massive wood so when I turned around her eyes locked straight onto it . She got down on her knees and slowly sprayed my lower half of the body and having my erection just inches from her beautiful face was such a turn on that I actually had a little precum fall out . When we were finished she turned her machine off and said she noticed I was still having my problem of being too excited And I blushed a little and said yeah I was sorry about that . She said it was no problem but she did have another client coming in about 10 minutes so if I wanted to take care of it I needed to hurry . I told her I really did need to take care of it but sometimes when I did it myself it took me a long time to finish . She got a concerned look on her face at first then she thought about the problem and without saying a word she picked up the bottle of Lube poured some in her hand and walked over to me . She asked me since it took me awhile to finish that if she could maybe help me , I said sure but I wasn't really actually sure what she meant . she reached out and grasped my rock hard solid cock and started stroking ! Having my best friends step-mom give me a handjob was such a turn on that my legs actually got a little weak and I asked her if we could possibly move it to where I could sit down on a chair . She told me that wouldn't be a problem and once I was comfortable she continued and before long I blew my load ! After we got cleaned up and I got dressed she reminded me that she would see me next week for our regular appointment and also that what happened during our sessions had to stay with between us . No one could ever find out especially her husband or her step-son , I told her no one ever would and then I left . So it had been another week and it was time to get my spray tan touched up. As soon as school got out I knew my best friend was going to be staying after class to hang out with his girlfriend so I headed straight to his house to get my spray tan from his hot step-mom. When I got to the house I just let myself in and I found his step-mom aka Jasper as she prefers I call her stand in the kitchen texting on her phone . We made a little small talk and then she led me into the living room where her spray tan stuff was all set up, she told me to do the same like I did last time undress and step into the booth and she would be right back. Once she finished doing the spray tan on my back she told me to go ahead and turn around and just like every other time I was raging hard so as I turned her eyes locked straight onto it and she continued to do the spray tan . It was weird it was almost like she was in some sort of trance she get just kept spraying Maine while not taking her eyes off my erection . Once I was finished she turned the machine off and we both knew what came next , I couldn't leave without taking care of my erection . I figured I would be the bold one and break the ice so I asked her if she could help me like she did last time and she said she could while reminded me that it had to stay our secret . She said the only problem was though she did not have any Lube or lotion And we had to hurry since she had another client coming. Will I ask her what we should do since it it would hurt me if we didn't use Lube and she said she thought of something the else that we could do. She lowered herself down to her knees and slowly took my entire erection into her mouth and started sucking ! Having my best friend's hot step-mom suck me off was truly amazing but on top of that getting her to take her shirt off and do it topless was definitely the best thing that ever happened to me . Before long she swallowed my nut , let me get dressed, and told me she would see me next week! My weekly appointment had rolled around again to get my spray tan from my friends hot step-mom, so as soon as school got out I headed straight to her house. I found her Jasper waiting in the kitchen like she always was, we made some small talk and then she led me into the spray tan room and told me to get undressed. Even though we have been doing this for weeks now the idea of being naked in front of my friends step-mom just turned me on so much so of course like every other time when she finished my backside and told me to turn around I was sporting a massive erection and a grin on my face! Once she finished spraying my front side she turned her machine off and I asked her if she would be willing to help me again and pointed at my erection? She said sure but she was in the mood to have some fun too and with that she stripped naked in front of me, Then she told me to sit on the couch and make myself comfortable. First she sucked me off and that felt amazing but then She told me that she wanted to fuck and I eagerly agreed! I spent the next hour pounding my best friend's hot step-mom's brains out and she made me promise to continue getting a spray tan all summer long and fucking her behind her husband and sons back every chance we got!


December 15, 2023