Squirting All Over Daddy Dick

| I start off laying upside down so daddy can ram his dick down my throat. He fucks my throat nice and fast while we both grope my tits. I can feel my pussy pulsing getting wetter and wetter and I end up squirting a bit while he fucks my mouth. We flip over and I suck his dick even more, eventually shoving the whole thing in down my throat a few times as I can't get enough. Finally he fucks my soaking pussy nice and hard and I squirt over and over and over and over and over sooo many times all over his cock completely soaking him and I. I finish off squirting all over his dick while he cums all over me! I show you the soaked floor and there's even a blooper at the end! **Blooper shows that I accidentally knocked off the external phone lense hence the bit of blurriness and slight sound disruption more towards the end of the video! But it doesn't take away from all the soaking wet fun (: | PLEASE


December 11, 2023