Step-Brother Takes Over Step-Sister's Body

You go into your step-sister's room when you're bored to see what she's up to. As usual she is a complete bitch to you. She even call you creepy. You decide to try out a new software program you discovered. You email her a link. When she opens it on her laptop, she . You are viewing the program as well so you also lose consciousness. When you open your eyes, you are in your step-sister's body. You can't believe it worked! You're so excited. If she thinks you're a creep anyway, you might as well have as much fun with her hot body as you can. You immediately start to strip out of her clothes. You can't figure out the clasp on her bra, so you just pull it off over your head. You play with her big round breasts, finding yourself getting turned on. You take off her leggings, slide your hand under her panties and a finger deep in her pussy. You lick the finger clean tasting a pussy for the first time. You take her panties off and start to sniff them. You can finally stop sneaking into her room to smell her dirty panties. If you keep using this software, you can transfer into her body whenever you want to play with her pussy. Now naked, you lie back and start to rub her pussy. You're not really sure what you're doing, but as you rearrange the pillows you find her vibrator hidden underneath. You decide to try it out. It feels so intense! You use the vibrator until you cum. After, you get back on her laptop and open the program up again to switch bodies back.


April 22, 2024