Step-Daughter Shows Step-Daddy She Likes Boys

Step-Daddy called his Princess in the living room. Gen comes running in excited to see what her Step-Daddy wanted! He had her sit down for a very serious discussion. Oh no she though! Was she in trouble again? Step-Daddy explained to her that her Step-Mommy and him were concerned about her behavior lately. They felt she was acting out for a reason. And that reason might be because she is not expressing herself. Gen was very confused. Her Step-Daddy thought since she didn't seem very interested in boys and always hung out with girls that she might be... you know a lesbian. Gen laughed and told him that she didn't think she was a lesbian and she liked boys.. a lot in fact. Step-Dad tried to reassure her that it was ok if she was a lesbian and they would both support her no matter what. They just wanted to make sure she knew how they felt about it. His Step-Daughter smiled and said don't worry about her, that she knew what she was doing. He then asked her if she had ever even kissed a boy. She shook her head no. Then how do you know you like them if you have never even kissed one. She said she just knew. Well maybe you should prove to Step-Daddy that you like boys then? She asked how she could do that? Step-Daddy said she should practice with Step-Daddy. Gen told him that he wasn't a boy, he was Step-Daddy. Step-Dad reminded her that he was once a boy. She smiled and said that would be ok then. He told his baby girl to stand up and show him her white panties. She does. He has her sit on his lap and starts to touch her. She asks him if he likes touching his little girls pussy. He shoves a finger inside of her and she yelps. Step-Daddy fingers her until his baby cums. Then she wanted to make Step-Daddy feel good. She takes out his cock and it amazed on how big it is. Step-Daddy shows her how to stroke it. She does Step-Daddy proud on how well she can stroke a nice hard cock. Now Step-Daddy wants his little girls mouth on it. It takes her a little while to get used to having such a big thing in her mouth. In the end with a face and mouth full of Step-Daddy's thick cum, she tells him that she does for sure like boys! A Lot!!!


December 1, 2023