Step-Daughter's Reluctant Journey

Sloan is standing in the kitchen, she has rested with her step-father several times but is hesitant to do it again. Step-Daddy walks in and says it is okay and fondles her breasts...Later that day, Sloan and her step-father are on the couch expressing their reluctant love...The next morning Step-Daddy slips into her room and has his way with her... Sloan now rests in her safe space and Step-Daddy comes in and let's her out, she knows what is next. Step-Daddy kisses her on the mouth and she turns away. He puts Step-Daughter on the bed and holds her hands above her head as he kisses her. He removes her shorts and panties and has his way with her. Sloan is tight and sore and wants Step-Daddy to finish. He begs for him to cum in her mouth so she can go to school and all of this. Step-Daddy pulls out and fills her mouth full of his seed. Sloan thinks this is over but the journey has just begun with Step-Daddy...


January 10, 2024