Step Familey Vacation

Cory and Bailey are standing next to each other in bikini's, because we are all prepared to go down to the pool. "Cory, I need to talk to Luke alone for a minute. Can we meet you down at the pool in a few minutes?" Bailey asks her step-mother. "Okay, but don't take too long..." Cory replies. Once Cory leaves the hotel room, I ask Bailey what she needs to tell me. She giggles and tells me "I want you to fuck me in the ass again!" I am nervous that Cory will come back in the room, but I also really want to fuck my step-daughter's ass again. Bailey gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob first. Bailey strips out of her bikini and she gets in the doggy style position for me to stick my cock in to her ass hole. I keep fucking her ass hole, until we hear a noise by the door. All of a sudden, Cory bursts in to the hotel room! "What is going on here?!" my wife cries out. "Um... Bailey's bikini broke and I was trying to fix it..." is the first lie that comes to my mind. "Why didn't you invite me to join? I want to join in!" Cory says, as she grabs my cock out of Bailey's ass and Cory shoves my cock right in to her mouth. She gives my cock a blowjob before she sticks my cock back inside of Bailey's ass. Then Cory sits down in front of Bailey's face so Bailey can eat Cory's pussy out while I am fucking Bailey's tight ass and pussy, back and forth. I have an even better idea... I want to fuck both my wife and my step-daughter in both of their holes next, and that's exactly what I'm about to do next... I tell Bailey to sit down in the missionary position on the table and I tell Cory to watch what I am about to do to Bailey. I shove my cock in Bailey's pussy and then in her ass, and I switch back and forth while I make my wife watch! "I'm so jealous! I want a cock in both of MY holes too!" Cory exclaims. Cory and Bailey switch positions, and I shove my cock in to my wife's pussy first. A few moments later, I shove my cock deep inside of my wife's ass next. I take my cock out of Cory and I shove it in Bailey's mouth next. Cory asks me what position I want to do next. "I want to fuck Bailey's ass and then have you suck my cock when I pull my cock out of her ass!" I tell my wife. That's exactly what we do! "Naughty Cory!" I tell her. Then I tell my step-daughter and my wife to sit next to each other in the doggy style position, so I can fuck both of their holes one right after the other! "You have 4 holes just for you! So many choices!" Cory seductively tells me. "So, who wants a mouth full of cum??" I ask them both. "I would love to share your cum with Bailey!" my wife exclaims. When I get close to cumming, I tell my step-daughter and my wife to both get down on their knees, open their mouths and look up at me. I cum in both of their mouths and on their faces! "Now let's all clean up and then we can actually go to the pool!" I tell them.


December 2, 2023