Step-Mom And Step-Sis Surprise Director Cut

Step-Mom came home early to surprise her Step-Son...Vanessa put on your favorite Step-Mom Jeans and tiny top...You are texting a friend when she walks in on you...You are not expecting to see Step-Mom in her hot jeans and this really turns you on...Step-Mom has you hooked and sits down to you...She rubs your legs and congratulates you on doing so well in College...Vanessa can see how excited you are getting and asks for a foot rub...This was all a ploy to expose her feet...The next thing you know, your shorts are off and Step-Mom is rubbing your cock with her feet...Step-Mom's soft feet are wrapped around your throbbing member and then something else happens...Your step-sister walks in and helps out Step-Mom...You have Step-Mom's feet wrapped around your cock and Cory's soft hands jerking you off...What else could a Step-Son ask for?!?! Cory begs for you to cum on Step-Mom's feet but you want this to last as long as possible, but her hands are too powerful...You blow your load on Step-Mom's toes...Step-Mom makes you promise to Keep up the grades at school and she might give you a taste next time...You agree and walk away to clean up...


December 15, 2023