Step-Mom Caught Sniffing Your Dirty Boxers

My step-son is such a pig! Always leaving his dirty laundry strewn about his room...look at these dirty boxers, just thrown across his bed when I specifically asked him to put his laundry in the basket for me to do a load today! My god, these are...pungent. Just a little whiff...such a strong scent he has...been so long since I've smelled something like that. I have to's kind of a turn on. Maybe I'll just sit here for a minute. Smell. God, what is wrong with me?? You left your textbook for biology in your room, so you run back to pick it up. When you open the door to your bedroom, you see a surprising sight. Your step-mother is on your bed, pants down, rubbing her soaking wet pussy...and your dirty boxers are pressed up against her face! You can't believe it. Your cock stirs in your pants, imagining your step-mother cumming to the scent of clear your throat and watch her jump. She tries to make excuses but its no use. She's caught. And you're going to use this compromising position she's in to your advantage. You've fantasized about this. Sliding your cock against your step-mother's pussy. Pushing into her, pumping away until she begs for your cum...


February 5, 2024