Step Mom Has Decided We're Going To Be Nudists

Jay is out having a swim when his hot step-mom comes out to join him. When she drops her towel...she's completely naked! He is uncomfortable and doesn't know what to think until she explains that she is adopting a nudist lifestyle. Maybe she can help him get more comfortable with the idea... Becky is in the kitchen making Jay lunch wearing only an apron. He didn't think she would still be living the nudist lifestyle, but here she is looking sexy and it's making him uncomfortable. She still wants him to get onboard with her decision and hopes she can help ease him into it a little more... Becky goes out to the home gym to workout while Jay is out there. Of course, she's still completely naked and very distracting! She makes it too hard for Jay to resist and he finally gives in to his hot step mom.


January 10, 2024