Step-Mom Helps Hurt Step-Son Bathe Part 2

Yesterday my step-mom had to help me with a bath because i hurt my hands and couldn't get them wet. Being naked in front of my step-mother was weird at first but it kinda turned me on. today my step-mom woke me up for my bath and told me she was gonna change into a bathing suit since her clothes got wet last time. when step-mom finished my back she told me to turn around and it happened, my cock was rock hard. i had a boner because i hadn't jerked off since the accident and also because my step-mom looked hot in her baiting suit. she seemed a little uncomfortable but tried to do her best about giving me advice but everything she said wouldn't help me right now. so i looked my step-mom in the face and asked her if she could help, she was a little nervous but she agreed. my sexy step-mom in a black bikini jerked me off and it felt amazing , i cant wait for bath time tomorrow!


January 10, 2024