Step-Mommy Makes Her Sons Cum Together - A Mothers Love

Step-Mommy wants ice cream but she has a two seater car and can only take one of her sons to the ice cream shop. Step-Mommy decides that the step-son who can cum first when commanded is the one who gets to go get ice cream. Step-Mommy jerks both sons teaching them an invaluable lesson. One of her sons cums when Step-Mommy asks and this pleases her. The other step-son has disappointed her and he is punished by Step-Mommy when she scoops up the big load of cum from her favorite step-son and uses it to jerk off the dick that has not cum yet. The one attached to the lagging step-son. Step-Mommy grabs his meat with both hands jerks him to completion and then slaps his dick as further punishment while laughing about what type of ice cream she will have. This is a "TABOO" Fetish clip.


December 1, 2023