Step-Mommy's Sexual Healing

Step-Mommy just finished making your favorite home made cookies. The oven's pre-heating now. Oh sweetie, I don't even get a smile for that? But you LOVE my cookies. Ugh, this little bout of depression you've been having is getting annoying. All you want to do lately is sit here on the couch & sulk. It's not healthy! It sucks that you don't even know why you're depressed. Laying around all day isn't helping. Step-Mommy has tried everything with you. Taking you shopping, cooking you home made meals every night, watching movies together. Nothing seems to be working to snap you out of this. Step-Mommy hates seeing her boy like this. I feel helpless. Hmmmmmm. Can I ask you a weird question sweetie? Do you masturbate on a regular basis? It's important because pleasuring yourself is a natural part of life. We all should be doing it. Orgasms get those endorphins going in our brains, which make us feel good. Now if you're not masturbating at least once a day your balls will get filled with too much cum. I can only imagine how frustrating that must feel! So by you telling me that you haven't been masturbating means only one thing. You need step-mommy's sexual healing. Trust me sweetie. Your balls need to be drained. Imagine what an orgasmic relief you'll feel as you shoot out all that cum! Mmmmm shoot it out as it's inside step-mommy's warm hole. I bet it will snap you out of your depression. Orgasms work wonders sometimes. Now don't feel embarrassed about this. Step-Mommy's touch & sexuality will be just what the doctor ordered. All you have to do to feel better sometimes is go back home. Step-Mommy's warm pussy will feel just like home as I slide you inside of me. Mmmmm we'll find our happy spots together.


December 2, 2023