Step-Mom's Perfect Knockers

It's hard enough being a teeenage boy but the youth of today have it even harder then we did.. just look at the moms these days! Angie here is a perfect example! How are you supposed to take your step-mom seriously when she's got knockers like that!? Even is she is your step-mom, you can see she's a CUM CRAZED COUGAR! Her two boys seem to be having a disagreement.. you know how young men are: Always arguing and fighting, but this time Step-Mom has had ENOUGH! She grabs the two young reprobates by the ears and demands that they stop behaving like babies! The two youths continue to argue and call each other jerks, so STEP-MOM decides to teach them a lesson! "You want to know what jerk means?" she asks... She orders both of them to get their pants off and then them to jerk off! When they seem a little shy (and who wouldn't?) she proceeds to jerk them off herself! Now this is what we call proper parenting! She kneels down and taking one of them in each hand, she jerks them off at the same time! The poor young fellows don't know where to look!


February 10, 2024