Step-Mother Knows Best #3 My Step-Son's New "Play" Loft

As Many of you have seen This rising Adult Star Kasey Storm in other Taboo scenes. Follow this new Taboo series with Kasey Storm as "Step-Mother Knows Best" From Under The Gunn, I've had a couple encounters with my Step-Son and have decided a place to go is just what my step-son and I need to get more "Step-Mommy Play Time" in. Something somewhat hidden.....somewhere no one would suspect, I thought to myself "what about the garage attic", we used to play their when he was a little boy! It'd be like Cumming Full Circle. I began thinking of how to make this happen....It's indeed a MUST! I go to the upstairs attic and realize there is MUCH to be done to make this ours again.....With a TWIST! My thoughts now turn to the first Handjob....Mmmmmmmm he was so hard......then to the Blowjob......God his young CUM was so tasty! I'm SO turned on by my thoughts of my step-son. I need MORE!!!! MUCH more......I begin clearing the way for our PLAYROOM. Yes honey, Step-Mommy's up here..... CUM see what I have for you! I arrived to the conclusion you need a "Man Cave" and my step-son has more lessons needed from here you go! Remember how we used to play her when you were a little boy? Yes, I thought you'd remember. Mmmmmmm look what Step-Mommy has here for you. Some of your favorite Magazines and a bottle of Lube right there next to them, overseen by your Teddy Bear I bought you, remember Teddy? He can watch us PLAY again.........Ah yes sweetheart, thats your new TV for you to watch all the Latest Porn Step-Mommy just ordered for you. Yes, I've been thinking of all we've shared too....thats how I came up with this "Loft Playroom"! Why don't you look at the magazines Step-Mommy brought you? I DO know my step-son don't I!! That's it.....let step-mommy stroke and suck on your cock like a good boy as you look through your magazines. Your getting so hard.....I love how you feel in my mouth.....and you taste......SO GOOD!!!! Step-Mommy is getting so turned on again.......let me take matters into my own hands and you concentrate on the pictures in your girly magazines! I need to feel you cum again, taste you, God Step-Mommy has such a Naughty Little Boy......I love you baby. I can't decide where I want you to cum this time......your so hard......I can feel your cock growing and your balls getting so tight....your about to explode...Hold it baby....Hold that cum in for Step-Mommy just a little longer....we must learn Stamina....God your SOOOOOOO hard...... Are you ready sweetheart? Step-Mommy Knows The Best place for her little boy to CUM next...... Yes baby.... you heard Step-Mommy right.....Thats where I want you to CUM!


November 24, 2023