Step-Mother Knows Best #5 Step-Son Is Jealous Step-Mommy Fucks Her Boss

As Many of you have seen This rising Adult Star Kasey Storm in other Taboo scenes. Follow this new Taboo series with Kasey Storm as "Step-Mother Knows Best" From Under The Gunn, By now your aware I've had several encounters with my Step-Son and have decided to make him my travel partner when I'm gone on business. Step-Mommy get so stressed and frustrated when I'm on the road!! This trip my step-son learns a BIT MORE about what Step-Mommy does when she's gone....and he DOESN'T like it! The JEALOUSY has begun to set in!!! I have to get ready to go out for "dinner and drinks" with my BOSS. I want my step-son's opinion on how I look....he loves the outfit and HATES that I'm going out so late, especially as he discovers the details. Now honey, exactly HOW do you think I am able to keep you in such a lavish lifestyle? Let me explain a few things about your step-father and I. We have a different kind of set up from most parents. No arguments Young Man...just LISTEN!! Ok..... I Think I know what will make things better, you need some "Step-Mommy Attention"! Here......let Step-Mommy give you some kisses and licks....that's it.....see.....I know what you need to feel better. Mmmmmmmm I just can't seem to keep your COCK out of my MOUTH! I LOVE making you hard and feeling you grow inside me against my tongue and cheek! Now that your nice and HARD let me show you a little surprise I have for my Boss!.......(I climb on the bed and bend over to reveal something my step-son was MOST SURPRISED about.....). See honey, easy access! Get behind Step-Mommy and I'll teach you the benefits of wearing these....that's it......Put your COCK in STEP-MOMMY'S HOLE!! Now....doesn't that make you feel even better?? Yes baby FUCK STEP-MOMMY'S HOLE GOOD!!! You have me so sloppy wet....but remember you have to hold it! Stamina...we're practicing stamina these days! Mmmmmmmm God you feel SOOOOOOO GOOD in my HOLE! But THIS TIME I want you to fill Step-Mommy's hole with your warm cum....Step-Mommy NEEDS IT! Fuck Step-Mommy's hole GOOD My Baby Boy.....Show Step-Mommy what your going to do to those little girls once you are completely trained! That's it...more....more Baby......That's your STEP-MOMMY'S HOLE! No...Not yet.......feel how good it is to be inside Step-Mommy again.......does that feel good My Angel? Look at my BABY BOY go...Fucking Step-Mommy's Hole like that...You make me so PROUD of you. Are you ready? Do you want to CUM? ..............Lets see what you can do to Step-Mommy's Hole now..........


December 22, 2023