Step-Mother, Revenge Quest

Dr Rachel Steele learns that her step-son Johnny has been admitted to the hospital where she works. He was speeding on his motorcycle, crashed, and injured both his legs. When Rachel checks in on him, she is dismayed by his lack of regret over what happened. She has not seen him in over five years - after she kicked him out of the house for refusing to get a job. As she talks to Johnny, lecturing him in vain, she learns that time has not made him any more responsible. Instead of settling down, he has been living by his wits, staying with various girlfriends. However, the last one has just dumped him. Now he is in a tricky situation because he has no where to go when the hospital releases him. That will be very soon because he does not have insurance. Despite her frustrations, Rachel comes to the rescue and lets Johnny move back in with her. There she helps him through his recovery and tries to talk some sense into him regarding his plans for the future. It is during this time that Johnny tells her he is thinking of becoming a stage hipnotist. Skeptical, Rachel challenges to put her in a trance. Johnny does so - sending his step-mother into a state in which she has no idea of what is really happening to her. From here he makes her stand on one foot and raise her arm. Then he turns sinister in his intentions. Resentful over the way his step-mother treated him in the past, he decides to get his revenge by turning her into his willing sex-slave. Rather than send him packing like she did in the past, she will live to serve and please him. Rachel herself agrees to these commands made by her step-son. Shortly after, she is soon dressed in lingerie and stockings, eagerly waiting for him to approach her. What follows is a night of taboo step-mother-step-son hipno-sex and foreplay. After passionately embracing, French-kissing and mutually touching with Johnny, the entranced Dr Steele moves over to the bed with him. There she ends up giving his cock a long hungry suck while he exposes her pussy and tits so he can finger and fondle them. Following that, Rachel eagerly fucks her step-son in the cowgirl, doggy and spoon positions. It is energetic, frenzied stuff that features shaking tits, slapping bodies, moans, gasps, and lots of taboo talk. Sealing it all is a big cumshot - delivered into Rachel's wantonly smiling mouth. But the story does not end with the antics of that night. Many months later, Rachel is seen sporting a pregnancy bump. Still , she kneels beside her step-son, looking up at him adoringly. For his part, Johnny looks very satisfied with himself. Thanks to his abilities, he has secured a permanent place back home. Never again will he be made to leave. Instead, he will be treated like a god by his step-mother. Especially in bed.


November 23, 2023