Step-Mother's Day Seduction By Step Son

Step-Mom gets sexy lingerie from her step son for Step-Mother's day. When she tries it on for him, she notices the bulge in his pants and decides to give him a Step-Mother's Day Handjob!! It's just me and my step-mom at the house since step-dad passed away a couple years ago. Even though I am twenty I could move out and give her the privacy she probably would enjoy but I can't do that because I have the secret hot's for her. It's not really something I can just come out and tell her but maybe todays' Mothers Day gift will show her how I feel. She was laying in bed reading a book, wearing her sexy step-mommie reading glasses when I came to her with her gift. I could hardly wait to see her reaction. The anticipation was causing me to have butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my loin, what a crazy combination. She seemed to be embarrassed yet intrigued and figured out my intentions toward her pretty quickly. I don't know why she doesn't have guys asking her out left and right but I'm glad because that leaves plenty space for me. I could hardly wait to see the sexy silky lingerie piece on her curvy body. She said she would try it on so I could see her in the gift but not while I watched her change. She stepped away from me a typical step-mom and returned to me a sexy siren. Of course my cock began to swell at the sight of her full breasts and smooth hips encased in silk and soft mesh. She noticed my reaction right away and commented how this was all so flattering to her. We both awkwardly gazed at each other when she suggested since this is a special day that we should take our step-mother step-son bond a step further. I didn't expect her to full on fuck me nor did I want that but rather go a slow pace sexually with her. She offered to wear this gift as she stroked my cock into orgasm. I knew she would probably be a little shy about sex since it had been so long since she was with a man, much less her own step-son. She asked me to lie down and get comfortable so she could be the sexy sultry woman she has hidden for so long. I was honored to be receiving such a great gift from her and this made me wish I had somehow found the way to instigate my feelings before. She lubed my cock with her deep throat honey saliva and stroked me into dizzying heights of pleasure. She modeled the lingerie as she stroked my rigid shaft until I could no longer hold back my load. Her sweet voice and solid hand job made me bust a fat nut all over her pretty hands. My fantasy of what might happen when I gave her the lingerie gift was nothing compare to the reality of what actually happened. I have spank bank material for the next month from this experience. Now that we have passed an invisible boundary maybe I will no longer be the only one in this house cranking on my cock. A whole new relationship was created from one silky sexy gift.


December 8, 2023