Step-Sis Wakes You Up

You wake up to your step-sis Ashley shaking you. She’s exasperated. She asks if you forgot that you agreed to drive her to school today. She complains that she doesn’t want to get in trouble for being late again. She says that if you don’t get up soon she’s going to tell mom on you, and she turns to leave and you see her fat ass in her leggings. You mutter something about her ass a little too loudly and she spins around. She says that just because you two are step-siblings doesn’t mean you can check her out like that. It’s weird, and plus, she says that you’re not hot enough to get with her. You tell her that you’ll get up if she shakes her ass for you. She’s annoyed but she needs to get to school so she agrees if you’re willing to stop and buy her coffee on the way. She starts jiggling her butt and talks about how big and perfect it is. You ask her to pull her leggings down and she begrudgingly agrees. She’s just wearing a thong underneath and now she can really start shaking her ass. You start to stroke your dick and when she sees she calls you a perv. You don’t give a though. She makes her ass clap—loudly—and your dick is soon as hard as a rock. She sees it and her attitude suddenly changes; she likes your dick. She takes off her thong and shows you her pussy and asshole. You tell her that if she finishes you off with a blowjob you’ll cum right away. She seems willing, but doesn’t want to give in too easily. She says she’ll give you a bj for $200. You agree. She straddles you in the bed and starts to suck you. She asks if you like that your sister is sucking your dick. It’s so fucking hot. You cum in her mouth and she swallows like a good girl. Afterwards she feels a little awkward though and quickly gets up to go get ready for school.


February 10, 2024