Stepmom Has Irresistible Appeal

Step-Mom was going to an important meeting. She's so beautiful, sexy and hot today. Yesterday, I habitually wanted to lie down to Her bed, but I forgot that my step-father was at home. When step-father is not at home or he goes on business to another city, my Step-Mom and me often rest together in her bed. I hug her hips... I breathe the scent of her body... I touch her hair locks... sometimes my Step-Mom lets me kiss her neck and after that She loses control of her mind ... I know her erogenous zones... I know better how to make Her feel good and excited. I'm Her best step-son. Yesterday, I was drinking at a party with my friends, so I hardly remember what happened. I feel very hard in my pants when She wears this skirt, when Her ass and thighs tightly in this sexy nice fabric. I have long dreamed of fucking my Step-Mom in this skirt, maybe today She will help me fulfill my dream. Oh honey, I have to go, but tonight I'll show you a new lesson that you can not forget. Honey, step-son, dear!!! Oh you're so cute, I can't leave you like this. I'll give you one more lesson, my meeting can wait especially now it's not so important ...


November 9, 2023