Stepmom Shows Her How To Live Her Best Life

Kandy has gotten married and gained a young naive stepdaughter in the process. It's Kandy's duty to guide her to ensure she lives her best life, which means using men for her amusement and benefit. In this scene, Jemma tells Kandy that she really loves having men lick her asshole, and that they're generally so icky it seems that's all they're really good for. Kandy pulls Jemma's panties to the side, spreads her ass cheeks, and says, "Who wouldn't want to lick this sweet ass?". Jemma mentions they should have someone there to lick their asses and Kandy says he would also be their toilet. "During the entire weekend, all they would get is what comes from our bodies," Jemma says, with a giggle of delight. Kandy and Jemma press their asses together, touch their holes, and describe how a lucky slave could lick both of their holes at once. Jemma licks her finger, sticks it up her ass, and says "I really have to schl1t," which causes both of them to laugh, knowing you wish you could be there as their toilet. Now a woman in charge, the scene rolls over and we find Jemma with the boy from next door, who she's fitted with a mouth-dildo. She knows he'll do anything for her even though she would never fuck him. He knows she has a real stud boyfriend who might break him like a pretzel if he caught them together like this. Jemma sucks on the big tool that sticks out from the boy's mouth, rips her pantyhose open at the seam, and stands over him as she glides the massive dong into her sweet little pussy. She rides it hungrily and eventually has an earth-shattering orgasm. She decides to let him cum but tells him he must do it with a countdown from five. The slave struggles not to cum but times his release perfectly. "You'd better get home now; my boyfriend could be here any second," Jemma says with a laugh. Thanks to Kandy, Jemma is in fact living her very best life.


January 5, 2024