StepMom's Protein Diet Vol. 1 - Candy For Step Mommy

Over the last two months my Step-Mom has been perving on a hot blonde milf at the gym named Cory Chase. Step-Mom watches from a distance and writes down every exercise Cory does but the results are never the same. Yesterday Step-Mom works up the courage to ask Cory the secret to ripped muscles and toned skin. Cory has a weakness for hot blondes herself and breaks it down simply...Young guys cum...To stay strong and healthy, Joslyn must drink cum from a young strong man..."It has something to do with the DNA in the sperm..." said Cory...Step-Mom thanked Cory and hurried home to drink her first dose of young cum. Later that morning...I am sitting at the kitchen table and step-mom walks in...She has an odd look on her if she was about to ask to jerk me off and drink my cum...That was exactly what she was thinking... Somehow she convinces me to let her jerk me off and drink my cum..I have never touched a boob and never had a girl touch my dick...She pulled my shorts down and started...This continued for three days until Step-Mom's hands stopped doing the job...


January 10, 2024