Stepmother is interested in how big son's penis is

4 months ago

⁣Last night you invited her to hang out in your room & the two of you talked until early morning. Apparently she was too tired to go back to her room because when you awaken she's in your bed. She rolls over & says good morning. She volunteers to make breakfast. But then she notices your morning wood. She jokes about it & keeps pulling your underwear down a little, until she can finally see your hard penis. She still keeps laughing about how you got hard in front of her. She's not being mean, just being fun. Then she comments on how big your penis is, and she seems interested in it. Joking leads to a blowjob, which leads to sex. You really didn't expect this, especially since your stepmom seemed like she was going to be the strict type. Turns out she's a wild one. At first she insists on wearing a condom but then she removes it in the heat of the moment. Naughty stepmom.