Still Oblivious

I walk into Alissa's room...Tell her it's time to go...She lays there, looking at her laptop, headphones on, oblivious to what I am saying...I poke her and get no response...I then walk behind her and lift up her skirt and get nothing...My slut step-daughter is not even wearing undies!!! Now that her amazing pussy and extra tight asshole are exposed, something must be done...She even has a bottle of lube laying next to her, as if she was asking for it...I don't feel guilty about... I fuck her holes, ass to pussy and pussy to ass...Cory is waiting for me in the garage so I know I must hurry...Fucking her a bit harder and harder, I unload a nice batch of warm cum deep into her ass...Still no response from her...Oh well, it was good for me!!! I pull my shorts up and clean up a bit...Don't want Step-Mom to get pissed...


April 24, 2024