Strip Battleship

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BROTHER AND SISTER PLAY STRIP BATTLESHIP?? THE SISTER ENDS UP NAKED.... AND THE BROTHER'S COCK ENDS UP INSIDE HER!!!! It's a rainy day....and Ryan and his Sister Eva are bored. With nothing else to do....the Siblings decide to play a Game....Battleship. As it turns out....neither one has any they decide to use a unique form of currency....their clothes!!! Yes...they decide to play Strip Battleship! In true Sibling fashion...they bicker during the game....each one trying to win.....but ultimately it's Eva who ends up shredding all of her clothes...and therefore losing the Game. Ryan, however, doesn't seem to be "gloating" as much as he is...."staring"! The site of his bare naked Sister...right in his hard for him to process. Seeing how excited he is...Eva takes the initiative and asks him straight out...."Do you wanna fuck?". After the shock wears off...Ryan goes to work licking his hot Sister's cunt...and before you know it....he is pounding his Sister hard!! Eva gets mad at him for cumming inside her...and as she gathers her clothes and storms out of the room, Eva says "I HATE rainy days!".


November 27, 2023