Stuck In A Chair

"What do you think of my new chair?!" Nikki asks Cory. "It's nice, but how do you sit in it?" Cory asks her. It's a modern, white chair and Nikki informs Cory that it's used for stretching. Nikki shows Cory a few different positions for her to stretch her body in the chair. In the last position she does, Cory ends up getting her ass stuck in part of the chair! "Help! I'm stuck! I can't get out!" Cory cries out. Nikki tries to pull her out but it doesn't seem to be working. Nikki grabs on to Cory's shirt and she ends up pulling her shirt off instead. Nikki pulls Cory's shorts to the side next, and now Cory is naked and still stuck in the chair! "Look at that nice, wet pussy," Nikki moans. Nikki starts to lick Cory's pussy and her ass, and Cory's moans get louder by the second. Nikki stands up and she pulls all of her clothes off, before she sits on Cory's face next. "While you're still stuck, I might as well sit down here..." Nikki says. Cory sticks her tongue out and she starts to lick Nikki's pussy while Nikki rides her face. Cory keeps eating Nikki's pussy until she cums! Then Nikki grabs Cory as hard as she can, and she finally is able to pull her body out from in between the chair! "I wouldn't mind being stuck again..." Cory giggles. Cory puts herself back in the chair, and Nikki goes back to eating Cory's ass and pussy out...


December 15, 2023