Stuck Inside With Mommy

My hands slid down, under my dress, between my legs. He was watching me... but I couldn't push out the fantasies... the memories. There was no way I'd tell my husband what happened. He wouldn't understand. He couldn't. It's been months since I've seen him, or anyone for that matter. Except for my darling boy. Just the two of us, locked under one roof together. And we've grown so close... so very close. But my husband can never know... just how close. It was so gradual... so natural. So inevitable. That my *step-son* would see his *step-mother* like that... want me in such forbidden ways. He couldn't take his eyes off my barely clothed, oiled body. And when his hands rubbed against my skin... I craved more. I needed his touch... his heat... I needed him to need me. No matter how much I struggled against my own attraction, I only wanted my *step-son* that much more. To feel him give in to the same urges... and push himself against me... push himself hard, throbbing... INSIDE of me.


January 12, 2024