Suck It Or I Tell Step-Dad

Rachel and her step-sister Arianna liked to go out to the clubs when their husbands were out of town. They had to be prissy wives all the time so they needed a release from their mundane lives. They would dress in the sluttiest clothes and go to nasty bars. Rachel was dancing on the tables at a sleazy bar. Her step-son's buddy was there and saw her and Arianna showing off their asses. He called Phillip and told him. Phillip waited up for them to get home. When they stumbled in the door Tipsy, Rachel was surprised to see him on the couch. He asked her why she was dressed like a whore. She covered her face. Arianna told him it was none of his concern. Phillip was pissed at his step-mom's actions and told her they both had to blow him or he would tell his step-dad. Rachel could not let that happen. They stripped him and started stroking his cock. Rachel could not believe her step-son was actually making them do it. Rachel sucked him, and then Aunt Arianna did. They took turns jerking him. Rachel pulled her tits out to try to get him off quicker. Arianna did the same. Finally Phillip was ready to cum. Rachel told him to cum in her mouth and on her face if he promised not to tell. He blew his load all over her while Arianna jerked him. When he finished they grabbed his sensitive cock and jerked it hard and fast until he was in pain. Aunt Arianna told him, let that be a lesson for you!


December 9, 2023