Sunday Fuck Fest

THE FAMILY RETURNS HOME FROM CHURCH.... AND HAS THEIR TRADITIONAL SUNDAY FAMILY FUCKFEST!!!! DAD & SON POUND THE STUFFING OUT OF MOM.... THEN MOM COOKS UP SUNDAY BRUNCH!!! Sundays at the Starr household are slightly different than most. Stacy, Joe & their Son Russell have returned home from Church, and they are uplifted & inspired from the Sermon by the Reverend Sullivan....and Stacy is about to begin cooking their traditional Sunday Brunch. Russell asks his Mom if they should have their regular "Sunday Family Fuckfest" before or after Brunch. Mom decides that it's probably best to have their Sunday Family Fuckfest they don't have to Fuck on a full stomach. Mom, dad & Son take off their Sunday clothes....and Mom begins to Suck-Off Hubby & Son. Both Dad & Son take turns Pounding Mom....they bend her over.....Plow her from behind while she takes one in the Pussy and Sucks the other.....until Russell shoots a gigantic load all over his Mom's big Tits.....and Dad follows shortly thereafter by unloading inside Stacy's cunt. Dad makes Russell "clean" up his Mom by licking the cum out of his Mom. Dad & Russell are now going to watch Football on TV as Stacy starts working on Brunch. Just another typical Sunday at the Starr Family household.....


December 4, 2023